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I am an avid lover of sit-down free motion quilting.  It is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time and I can't get enough of it! 

In the last couple of years, I've become hooked on ruler work, which is ruler-guided free motion quilting.  This is just like the ruler work that long arm quilters do, except I do it sitting down, like a regular home machine quilter. 
I also enjoy machine embroidery applique, which is a technique of creating applique quilt blocks on an embroidery machine, and these blocks are then pieced on a regular home sewing machine and then sandwiched and quilted.  Most of my quilts are now made in this way.  

I am so grateful to have this creative urge and the skills to bring my  textile fantasies into actual physical quilts that can be seen, touched, and stroked.  This web site is my way of opening up this part of me to you.  In it, you will find our online store where we sell many machine quilting products (including some we designed ourselves), our instructional DVDs on free motion quilting, my two books, and many of my digitized machine embroidery applique designs. 

You will also find an "education" section, where you'll find many free short video tutorials (they are GREAT, really!) on a wide variety of quilting topics, numerous free downloadable line drawings of free motion quilting designs, and a list of my classes. 

If your shop or guild is looking for a great teacher, shoot me an email because I'd love to teach for you!  You will also find a link to my blog if you click on this line.  My blog is loaded with detailed in-process photos and explanations of what I'm working on.  Personally, I am deeply inspired by reading quilter blogs and I hope you find my blog to be informative, inspirational, and FUN! 

If you have questions or can't find something on my site that you need, please let me know.  It's important that your visit to our web site was worth your time!
New Arrivals
Have you seen our new machine quilting suspension systems? They literally suspend your quilt in the air, rendering the quilt weightless.  This means no pulling or dragging against you as you quilt!  Designed with the sit-down home quilter in mind, this system makes free motion quilting much, much easier. The photo above is Suspension System #1 and the photo below shows a second option (aptly called "Suspension System #2"!):

See our video below that shows how to use system #1:

...and you can find the quilt suspension system #1 in our store by clicking here.

And this next video shows how suspension system #2 works with various machine set-ups:

...and you can find quilt suspension system #2 in our store by clicking here.

And if you're interested in ruler work, have you seen our new Ruler Work Starter Packs?  These are the perfect way to begin your ruler work adventure because they will allow you to create a wide variety of simple and complex designs.  They're available in both the traditional 1/4 in long arm ruler thickness as well as the 3mm thinner thickness for those working with the low or medium shank Westalee Ruler Feet. 

You can find these ruler starter packs in our online store by clicking here.

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