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We are away until Mar 9, so most orders won't ship until the 11th. Thank you.

Mid "Winter" Sale...70% off regular prices

It's so odd to call this winter with virtually no snow in NW Ohio or Western NC, and with nearly spring like temperatures.  Shovels are itching to work...we aren't!

We are continuing the earlier online store sale, but with a 70% discount on all but two items, starting the morning of February 20 and going for about 2 months.

There are only two items, the Line Tamer Ruler, and the Quilt Suspension System #2 that are not part of the sale, but can be purchased for regular price by clicking on the "Non-Sale Items" Category.  We have a very limited number of these 2 items, so if you have been considering one, or the other, or both, now is the time to strike.

The Handmade Accessories by Ernie Category, is not part of the sale.

Items are limited and no further stock will be ordered to replace them.  We plan to continue the sale through mid April. 

Occasionally, our brief travels will take us away from home, and during those times, the store is still "open" but we won't be able to fulfill orders until we return.

Enjoy shopping!!

Patsy & Ernie


Have you seen our PTD Flower Template Sets?  You can use them to create flowers in 3 different sizes or you can use them for more extravagant designs like the feathered wreath below:

...or like the mandala below:

Create these designs and more with the PTD Flower Template Sets, available in 1/4 inch thickness as well as in 3mm thicknesses. Click here to learn more about creating these lovely designs. 



Quilt Suspension System #2 by Patsy Thompson Designs:

Have you seen our machine quilting suspension system? It literally suspends your quilt in the air, rendering the quilt essentially weightless.  This means no pulling or dragging against you as you quilt!  Designed with the sit-down home quilter in mind, this system makes free motion quilting much, much easier. The photo below shows the System 2 set up . Watch our short video below that shows you how the quilt suspension system works!  Note that the System 2 in the photo and video is shown with two eyebolts in each arm...this is for demonstration purposes only to show that the ONE eyebolt, that comes with each arm, can be repositioned if needed.

This video shows how suspension system #2 works with various machine set-ups:


...and you can find quilt suspension system #2 in our store by clicking here.

And if you're interested in ruler work, have you seen our Ruler Work Starter Packs?  These are the perfect way to begin your ruler work adventure because they will allow you to create a wide variety of simple and complex designs.  They're available in both the traditional 1/4 in long arm ruler thickness as well as the 3mm thinner thickness for those working with the low or medium shank Westalee Ruler Feet. 

You can find these ruler starter packs in our online store by clicking here.



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