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Bendable Bright Light

If you are finding that you need more light to sew accurately, then this product is for YOU! This device easily adheres to any model of sewing machine and provides 100,000 hours of use; it will plug into any U.S. 120 volt outlet!

Unit comes complete and ready to use with LED light assembly, mounting bracket, power pack with on-off switch, 8 foot power cord, and 6 adhesive clips to hold power cord to your machine. This light fixture becomes hot and should be turned off when not in use.  NO BATTERIES NEEDED!

NOTE:  This light was manufactured for use in the USA, and it's ability to be used in other countries is not guaranteed.  There are adapters available to allow US electrical products to work in other countries, but we have no reliable information on these products.  We do not recommend buying this light for use outside of the USA.  If you wish to purchase this light for use outside the USA anyway, it cannot be returned if it does not work, as we cannot resell opened packages.

Click below to watch a 3.5 minute video of the Bendable Bright Light in action!

Note: The free Adobe Flash Player browser plugin, version 8 or higher, is required to view video.