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Hand-Turned Seam Rippers and Stilettos


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Isn’t it wonderful when something functional can also be dressed up with some bling?! 
These one-of-a-kind seam rippers and stilettos are made of various acrylic and faux stone materials that transform them into eye-catching accouterments!  
The overall length of the these tools is roughly 4 inches.
When you are not using the tool, the blade can be pulled out of the handle and turned around, so just the smooth end is showing.

If you click on the small thumbnail below the , you can see the wide variety of handle colors available, so we are sure one will fit you.  If there is a color or color combo you do not see, email us at and we will try to accommodate you as there are dozens of color options available.

The entire list of options for these tools are:
  •  Seam ripper alone (chrome) $ 18
  •  Seam ripper alone (gold) $ 19
  •  Stiletto alone (chrome) $ 18, (gold) $ 22
  •  Stiletto on one end and seam ripper on other (double headed, chrome) $ 21
  •  Stiletto on one end and seam ripper on other (double headed, gold) $ 22
  •  Seam ripper on a chain (chrome) $ 22, (gold) $ 24
  •  Stiletto on a chain (chrome) $ 26, (gold) $ 28

To place an order, please follow BOTH steps:

1. Click on the Option menu above to select the item(s) you wish to add to your cart.

2. In the Notes section, indicate the color/colors you prefer, and will try to accommodate you. If you choose a color we don't have already made, it will take a few days to create the item.

Click on this brief video to see how all of these new wonderful products hand-turned by Ernie!

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