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Keychain Screwdrivers

When function and fashion collide…LOOK OUT!!  This attractive key chain is actually the solution for all small screwdriver repair issues that arise in your sewing room, and it’s also a stiletto!

The handle is turned from a variety of acrylics or wood in myriad colors.  The cap unscrews to reveal four different stored bits stored in the handle.  There are 3 screwdriver bits (a Phillips head and two sizes of flat heads) and a stiletto bit.  The bits fit easily and securely in the magnetic tip.  The handle measures 1 ½ inches long, and the overall length without the bits is 2 inches.  This handcrafted keychain screwdriver is a must for everyone who uses a machine to sew, embroider, or quilt.  It is also indispensable for household repairs such as replacing watch and hearing aid batteries, tightening eyeglass frames, etc…there is NO job too small for this handy tool!!

The metal parts of this tool come in a gold or silvery-gray (gunmetal)

Check out some of the many hanlde colors available by clicking on the thumbnails above. If you don't see the color(s) you'd like, tell us what you want and we'll start working to find it.  There are literally dozens of colors available, and will try to meet your request!  

*****Please write your color preference(s) for the handle and the metal parts in the NOTES section above.*****

Some of these units are made as they are ordered, so there may be a few days delay in receiving your order.