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Solid Wood Ruler Holder

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These unique wooden ruler holders are handcrafted from domestic and tropical hardwoods by Patsy's husband, Ernie.  All exhibit their natural wood tones; stain is never used. 
They are finished with hand rubbed oils or polyurethane.  Some are crafted from a single type of solid wood while others are laminated (glued) together from various woods. Some have inlays.
They all measure roughly 8 W x 11 L inches. No two are alike, so you won't be competing with other textile artists!
The photo shows some samples of ones made before.

They have 12-14 slots which will hold rotary cutting rulers (or thinner machine quilting rulers, 3 mm thick) and/or longarm quilting rulers (1/4 inch), depending on your choice below.

Shipping for this heavy-ish item will be calculated by the store as a standard Priority rate item, but may be reduced by shipping by Flat Rate Envelope. Any savings will be credited back to you.


1. In your order, you can indicate your wood color preference in the drop down menu above: light/med/dark (examples are Maple/Cherry/Walnut)

2. In the notes section, please indicate if you would like the ruler slots for the thinner (about 1/8 inch thick) rotary cutting rulers, or the thicker longarm 1/4 inch quilting rulers, or a combo of the two.

Note: This item may take up to a week to construct.