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Thread Racks

Are you exasperated by the clutter of loose thread spools surrounding your embroidery machine?  Wouldn’t you love to have a compact way to organize your threads in the correct color order?

Well…look NO further!

These handcrafted solid wood thread racks will serve as a unique addition to your organizational tools.

These racks are designed especially for embroiderers to conveniently hold just the thread colors they need for a design, but can be used by anyone who sews.

Each holds 12 spools of thread and has a footprint of 5 by 8 inches.  There are three tiers, each holding 4 spools, and there is a decorative inlay on the front base.  Each is hand rubbed with oil, and no wood stain is used, so no color will rub off the rack.

You can select a light or medium-dark wood color in the Select Option drop down menu, and the inlays are subject to change.

Feel free to add any preferences in the order Notes above.  If you wish a different size, say 5 by 10 inches to hold 15 spools, indicate that in the Notes section too.

These racks are made as they are ordered, so there will likely be several days before they are shipped.