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Touch Stylus

These are unique styluses handmade by Patsy's husband, Ernie, from a variety of colorful acrylics, wood, and tru stone.  The styluses made from acrylic/wood are $17 and the tru stone (ground stone + resin) are $25. An example of the tru stone is the turquoise/gold pictured.

Each one is unique and the soft tip will work on virtually any electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface, including computer touch screens, tablets, smart phones and computerized sewing/embroidery machines.  

A clip is included to attach to a pocket or device case.

Literally dozens of handle colors are available (see picture #4) , and these are just a few samples. Note that these may not be available when you order, so if you can enter your color preference(s) in the Notes section while ordering, we will try to accommodate.