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Quilt Suspension System #1 by Patsy Thompson Designs LTD


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This lightweight, easy to assemble quilt suspension system is designed to make free motion quilting easier by lifting the quilt off the table and rendering it virtually "weightless."  Because it is suspended in air, the quilt does not exert any drag or gravity pull against you as you quilt.  Even king size quilts are literally weightless with this system!  Learn to free motion quilt with ease once the weight of the quilt is no longer working against you!

This system will come to you in 3 pieces: a clamp (which attaches the vertical backbone to your sewing table. Your table top can be up to 1 5/8 inches thick); a steel backbone (nearly 24 in long), and a set of aluminum arms. Bungee cords and squeeze clamps attach to the arms.  Altogether, the assembly weighs just under 2 1/2 pounds. (See bottom photo to left).

The table should have about 3 inches of clearance for the clamp to slide into.  If there is a something beneath the table top, like framing or support structures, that prevent the clamp from taking it's 3 inch "bite" into its throat space, then the security of the system is not assured.  It appears if you can get at least 2 of the 3 inches into the clamp that it will be secure enough.

Once you've clamped the vertical backbone to your table, simply slip the arm assembly into the hollow space at the top of the backbone.  The arms also hold short bungee cords with spring clamps attached.  These clamps are lightweight and easy to open and close with only one hand. The arms project toward your machine making it easy to clamp and unclamp your project from your chair.

You can adjust the height of the system by adjusting the small knob in the clamp and/or by tying a knot in the bungee cord.

The system can quickly and easily be setup or dismantled so that it can be taken to a class or a quilting retreat.  

If you are working with a setup where your machine head is facing you (i.e. HQ Sweet 16; Babylock Tiara; Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0; Bernina Q20), or you have a set up where you cannot clamp to the back side of your table, be sure to look at our Quilt Suspension System 2 (it also has a video) as it will likely accommodate your needs.

The backbone and clamp are available in two colorways: purple or dark blue. (See top two photos to left)  Be sure to choose your desired color in the drop down menu. 

Even though this is an overall lightweight system, shipping weight is 3 1/2 pounds, and by Priority Mail.  That makes shipping costs around $ 10 to $ 20, depending how far it has to travel in the US. BUT there is no tax to pay, so that helps some!  And no driving....it comes right to your door!! The cheapest shipping (First Class International) to Canada is about $ 37 and to Europe/Australia is about $ 50.

If you are uncertain this set up will work for you, please email us and send a photo of your machine set up to see if we can make it work.

This system is available for purchase only in our online store and only for retail sales. 

Watch our short video below that shows you how the quilt suspension system works!  (This product is only available for retail sale.)

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