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Quilt Suspension System #2, by Patsy Thompson Designs, LTD


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 Note:  If you are getting a message that this suspension system is not available, that message is in error.  These systems are available for purchase in blue and purple.  If you get that message, you can try using a different browser or click on the following direct link for this item:


This easy-to-assemble quilt suspension system is designed to make free motion quilting easier by lifting the quilt off the table and rendering it virtually "weightless."  Because it is suspended in air, the quilt does not exert any drag or gravity pull against you as you quilt.  Even king size quilts are literally weightless with this system!  Learn to free motion quilt with ease once the weight of the quilt is no longer working against you!ide

This is a more versatile system than the system #1 we offer.  It is ideal for deeper tables, especially over 26 inches deep.  Also you can position the 2 clamps anywhere on the table you wish to support your project.  It has a further reach with its projecting arm (15 vs 8 inches) which is ideal for larger tables.

You will be sent the system exactly as pictured above with two clamps and two upright arms assemblies.  In other words, the system will come to you in 4 major parts: 2 table clamps (which attach the 2 vertical uprights to your sewing table) and 2 steel uprights, each 24 inches tallwith a 14-inch projecting overhead arm. On each projecting arm, there dangles a short bungee cord with an attached nylon spring clamp.  Altogether, the assembly weighs just under 5 pounds.

When you place your order, please order just ONE system, as that comes with two upright assembles as pictured above. Many customers have been confused by this, and have ordered TWO systems, thinking there is only ONE assembly per order.  Now, if you want a system for yourself, and a second one for a gift, feel free to order two systems.

Your table top can be up to 1-5/8 inches thick.  Any thicker, and the clamps are not wide enough to attach to the table top.

The backbone/clamp assemblies are available in dark blue    or lavender-purple.

The clamps like to grab on to 3 inches of your table top measured from the edge of the table. If there is a something beneath the table top (like framing or support structures) that prevents the clamp from taking it's 3 inch "bite" into its grab space, then the security of the system is not assured.  It seems that if you have at least 2 of the 3 inches to clamp on to, that would likely be secure enough.

The positioning of the clamps will be determined by your machine set up.  This system is ideal for The Handiquilter Sweet 16; Babylock Tiara; Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0; Bernina Q20; and for traditional sewing machines that are on or in a cabinet that has no place in the back for clamp attachment.  The video below shows various machine setups using this system. 

There are 2 holes in each overhead projection of the backbone to hold the bungee cords/clamps.  The video shows these 2 holes on each backbone with a hook in each one (4 altogether in the whole system) in order to illustrate that there are two positions on each backbone for the cords.  In reality, there is only one set of hook hardware included in each backbone because you can easily remove the hook hardware to position between the holes.

You can adjust the height of the system by adjusting the position of the backbone using the small knob in the clamp, and by tying a knot in the bungee cord.

The system can quickly and easily be setup or dismantled allowing you to take it to a class or a quilting retreat. 

Even though this is an overall lightweight system, shipping weight is 6.75 pounds, and must ship by Priority Mail.  That makes shipping costs within the US around $ 10 to $ 27, depending how far it has to travel from Ohio.  BUT there is no tax to pay, so that helps some!  And no driving....it comes right to your door!! International shipping must be by Priority Mail. For Canada, that means around $ 50 and for Europe/Australia, about $ 60 to $ 75.

If you are uncertain this set up will work for you, please email us and send a photo of your machine set up to see if we can make it work.

Watch our short video below that shows you how the quilt suspension system works! 

(This product is only available for retail sale from our online store.)

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