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Free Motion Fun...With Feathers! Volume 2


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If you are looking for innovative design ideas to transform your free motion feathers into jaw dropping works of art, then this 2-disc DVD set is for you!

Beginning with a quick review of different design options to alter the character of a given feather, the lesson turns first to one-sided feathers. From there, Patsy discusses and demonstrates several different asymmetric feather designs. The tutorial then turns to a variety of new hyperquilting designs, and next to a chapter that teaches hyperquilting special effects. Lastly, Patsy teaches 4 variations of the “Feather Explosion” design, where background fill designs are created using feathers flowing from feathers. Altogether, this 2-disc set teaches more than 28 new feather designs, so if you’re a quilter who loves to stitch feathers, this DVD is a must-have!

Total Play Time – 4 hours 5 minutes, All DVDs are ZONE FREE, meaning they should play in any part of the world.

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