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Free Motion Fun...With Feathers! Volume 3


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Run Time 2 hours 7 minutes, All DVDs are ZONE FREE, meaning they should play in any part of the world.

If you are captivated by the gracious curves of a flowing feather and looking for innovative feather spine designs, then this DVD is for YOU!

This third volume of feather motifs explores the feather spine as a new focus for design work.  Whether you make traditional quilts or contemporary quilts, there are feather spine designs to enhance your feather work and add interest and detail to your quilting.  This DVD explores feather spine designs suitable for isolated feathers as well as feathers used in continuous borders. In later chapters, the spines are used to define feather shapes such as feathered hearts and feathered wreathes.  No matter how you are using feathers in your quilts, these spine designs will transform your feathers into works of art! 

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