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Donutz-Spacers for Ruler Work


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NOTE:  We are out of the 1/2 inch spacers.  We do have a few of the 9/16 inch ones remaing that fit APQS and Gammil machines.

This item will no longer be available once sold out.

This is a packet of 5 spacers that are useful when creating mock-ups of ruler work designs on paper. 

Each donut has a central hole that can accommodate a pencil or other standard drawing tool. It will add 1/4 inch to your drawing to account for the distance from the needle to the stitched line. This enables you to accurately simulate the design you will later stitch. 

Note that while most ruler feet are 1/2 in in diameter, there are some ruler feet that are 9/16 inch (e.g. APQS, Gammil, etc). 

We carry only the 9/16 inch sized donutz.

Simply remove the paper backing from the backside of your spacer and you are ready to start drawing!