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Machine Quilting Flower Templates by Patsy Thompson

Machine Quilting Flower Templates by Patsy Thompson


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This flower template set contains 3 acrylic flower template shapes sized in small, medium, and large

designed for ruler-guided free motion quilting. These rulers/templates can be used by long arm quilters

using a frame system or by sit down quilters using home sewing machines or sit down long arm

machines. When measured from the largest expanse on each side, the templates measure 8 ¼ inches

wide, 6 ¼, and 4 ¾ inches wide. When used with a ruler foot, these will create stitched flowers that are

8 ¾ in wide, 6 ¾ inches wide, and 5 ¼ in wide. They can be used individually or together, the choice is


Because these templates are made in a fluorescent green acrylic, markings are much easier to see than

on a clear acrylic ruler/template.  They are also easier to find when set down somewhere in a busy

studio! They are available in: ¼ inch thick sets designed for use with ½ inch diameter ruler feet; ¼ inch thick

sets designed for 9/16 inch diameter ruler feet (i./e. APQS and Gammill machines); and 3mm thick sets

that are designed for use with the Westalee low and medium shank ruler feet. The pricing for the ¼ in

thick set is $ 84 and the 3mm set is $ 70. When placing your order, select the set you would like from the

drop down menu.  The flower templates are not sold individually.

These templates have etched markings to facilitate alignment on your quilt and there is also a small hole

in the very center of each template. If desired, this feature allows placement of a flat-headed straight

pin through the center, and this helps maintain alignment of the template against the quilt during stitching.

See photo below.

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