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The Line Tamer Ruler is a unique ruler designed by Barbara Becker of Four Paws Quilting.   She was looking for a way to make straight line quilting easier, and boy, did she succeed!   While this ruler can be used just like any other straight line ruler, it has the unique feature of a 1/2 inch wide channel down the center.   By placing the ruler foot inside the channel, straight lines can easily be stitched without fear that the ruler foot will separate from the ruler during stitching! Better yet, the ruler has etched lines that surround the channel and also on both sides.  

The ruler works great for long arm frame quilters as well as sit down quilters using a home sewing machine. This ruler really is the best of both worlds, and if you’ve been struggling with ruler control, the Line Tamer ruler is definitely worth trying! 

The slot in the template is sized about 1/32" larger than the 1/2 inch machine foot. This doesn't sound like much, but it may be more play than you'd prefer. A simple way to tighten the fit is to run a piece of Quilter's Tape along the entire inside edge. This tape is 1/4" wide masking tape, and is widely available at crafts and quilting stores.

Be sure you know your ruler foot size before ordering.  This ruler is made for 1/2 inch diameter ruler feet.  It will NOT fit 9/16" diameter feet, such as on the orginal Gammil or APQS machines.

This ruler is available only in 1/4 inch thickness, so if you have a low shank ruler foot, you will not be able to place the Line Tamer behind the ruler foot when free motion quilting, as there is not enough clearance.


Stitch in the Ditch, Cross Hatching

Center the line you want to stitch on. (The etched line at the end of the template can help.) For crosshatching, once you have the first line, you can use the lines etched every 1/2" on the template to position others.

Outline Quilting


Just align the seam with the edge of the slot, and you'll be stitching 1/4" away.

Using the Edge

Are you already comfortable using a straight edge? You'll find this template provides you with a secure grip other templates lack. Using the bottom leg, you can hold and move the template easily, while keeping your fingers clear of the hopping foot.


Click on the video below to see exactly how this ruler works:



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