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Turret Ruler Bundle (Rulers 1, 2 and 3) unavailable

Out of Stock
All turret rulers are currently unavailable due to manufacturing issues; we will post a message if this issue ever gets rectified..originally posted 8/15/2017.

This bundle includes all 3 Turret Rulers: Rulers 1, 2 and 3, at a 15% discount.

Purchased individually, the 3mm bundle would cost $ 78, but as a set, will cost $ 66.

Purchased individually, the 1/4 inch bundle would cost $ 101.95, but as a set, will cost $ 86.

Please select 3 mm or 1/4 inch thickness in the options above.

You can watch a 10 min video about these rulers below, and is the same video as in the individual ruler pages