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Westalee COQ Wreath No. 18 Template

Westalee Wreath  templates for Domestic Machines are made from clear cast acrylic, have multiple reference lines and have been sized to enable easy handling when stitching.

The Templates are cut to suit your Machine Shank Type. 

Final wreath has a diameter of 5.5 inches and is composed of 16 rotations.  It is the EXACT same wreath design as COQ Wreath #3, except is is a smaller version (5.5 vs 11.5 inches).
We only carry the  Long Arm 1/4 inch thick template.  

Westalee's COQ Wreath Series of Templates have been designed to give perfectly stitched wreaths in a variety of sizes.
The wreaths share the same locating system as the Spinning Wheel and Wave Templates thereby expanding the designs that can be created.

You can watch a video demonstration of this type of template below: