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Appli-K-Kutz Feathered Wreath

The 8 ½ inch diameter feathered wreath die cuts beautiful, intricate feathered wreaths that will adorn any quilt with a look of sophistication!  When coupled with the small teardrop shapes in FE-03 (Plume Family die), a complex, 2-toned feathered wreath is created.  The die itself measures approximately 9 3/8 inches x 6 7/8 inches and is compatible with the Sizzix® Big Shot Pro*.  

Please see the accompanying patterns by Patsy Thompson Designs that use this die in quilt designs.  Although the die was developed for use in cutting fabric bonded to fusible web to create fusible applique designs, this die can also cut woven and non-woven wools, felt, paper, cardstock, and even lightweight metals.

*Sizzix® is a registered trademark of Ellison Educational Equipment, Inc.  Patsy Thompson Designs, LTD is not associated with Ellison and no association is implied.