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Clarity Ruler Foot

A caveat about these ruler feet.  The original manufacturer has sold the company and the most recent list of what size feet fit which machines has not been updated since 2017.  So if your machine model was released after March 2017, we cannot guide you on what size foot to buy.  We recommend turning to your machine dealer for guidance on the proper shank size.  If you buy a foot that does not fit, you can return it for a refund and only be responsible for postage both ways (we recommend USPS Ground Advantage)

These Ruler Feet are for Home Sewing Machines ONLY.

If you own a midarm/longarm or slant shank machine, you need to go to specialty section in our store.
You can access that page by clicking here. 

The Clarity Ruler Foot, manufactured by Accents in Design, is a generic ruler foot designed to fit most home sewing machines.  It is made of clear acrylic, which means you can literally "see right through it" as you are quilting!  This property affords it a tremendous advantage over other ruler feet, where visibility is hampered because of the high collar.  This not only makes ruler work much easier, but it is no longer necessary to swap to a traditional free motion foot once your ruler work framework is complete, because the visibility with this foot is so good that you can use it for all of your "fill in work!"

The diameter (edge to edge size) of all Clarity ruler feet is 1/2 inch.  It does not come in a mini, or 1/4 inch diameter size, to fit 1/4 inch rulers or templates.  You can Google search for that option available elsewhere. Country Stitchin' in Pennsylvania is one source, and you can click here to get there.

The low shank Clarity foot can work with low and high shank ruler templates, as well as 1/4 inch longarm ruler templates.  However, it does not have enough clearance to place a high shank or 1/4 inch thick ruler/template BEHIND the foot. 

The Clarity Ruler Foot comes in the following four sizes:  Low Shank; Medium Shank; High Shank; High Shank CRF.  These are 4 different designs/specifications, and are not interchangeable.

The High Shank CRF is used with the following machines:  Juki TL-2000/2010Q; Juki 98P; Juki DDL-227; Juki DDL-555; Juki DDL-8700; Juki TL-98E; Juki TL-98P; Juki TL-98QE;  TL2200 qvp mini; the Janome 1600P; Brother PQ1500 machines; and straight stitch machines where the needle cannot be re-positioned. (NOTE:  It is only the Juki 2200 qvp mini that uses the High shank CRF; the Clarity foot will not work on the Juki TL2200 qvp because the shank is too high.)

For the three other shank sizes, please refer to the manufacturer's (Accents in Design) downloadable list of machines and appropriate shank sizes.  Click here for the downloadable listing of machines and their recommended shank sizes. 
If you cannot find your machine on the list, or have any questions about the foot, send us a message by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of this page.  We usually reply to inquiries within 24 hrs.

Lastly, the manufacturer has included a spacer with each foot to adjust the foot's position once mounted to the shank.  Very few of you (less than 1%) will need this spacer, but with some machines, the needle is not centered in the clarity foot when mounted without it.  The spacer comes with instructions, and should only be used if necessary to center your needle in the foot.