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Free Motion Fun...With Vines and Leaves! Volume 2

Run time 2 hours 3 minutes, All DVDs are ZONE FREE, meaning they should play in any part of the world.

If you are captivated by the delicate veins of leaves or the curvaceous line of a meandering vine and are looking for ways to add texture and interest to your quilts, then this DVD is for you! This second volume of vine and leaf motifs takes off where Volume 1 ended! We’ll begin by learning new vine and leaf motifs to add to your design repertoire, but that’s only the beginning! We’ll blast off into the exciting world of free motion machine embroidery, and you’ll see just how easy it is to use your free motion skills to add another layer of interest and texture to your quilts! Using your new skills of hyperquilting, free motion embroidery, and free motion machine quilting, your quilted botanical motifs will add new dimension and intrigue to your quilts! 

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Click the black box below to watch a full 9.5-minute scene from the DVD! This video may take awhile to load depending on your Internet connection; you may need to wait until the bar goes completely dark gray before playing. (30MB file)

Note: The free Adobe Flash Player browser plugin, version 8 or higher, is required to view video.


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