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Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter DVD Vol. 1

This instructional DVD is the beginner's guide to performing ruler-guided free motion quilting as a sit-down quilter.  Demonstrations are performed on several different makes/models of home sewing machines as well as on a George long-arm sit-down machine.  Patsy also covers many "filler designs" that can be used to fill frameworks or skeletons created wth ruler work, including the use of featherettes.  Whether you are a sit-down quilter or a long arm quilter, there is great information on this DVD! 

Total run time is 111 minutes.  Full color and DVD formatted to play on DVD players worldwide (zone free). 

If you work on a home sewing machine, be sure to check out our Westalee ruler feet as they will work on your machine if your machine does not offer a ruler foot!

Are you new to ruler work in free motion quilting and need guidance from the ground up?  Are you a seasoned free motion machine quilter who is looking for some new ruler work design ideas for stitching quilted motifs?  Either way, this instructional DVD is for YOU!  Long arm ruler work is not just for long-armers anymore!  Whether you’re working on a home sewing machine, a mid-arm machine, or a long-arm machine, you can master ruler work and take your free motion quilting to new heights!

NOTE:  This is Vol. 1 of a 2 disc series.  If you would like both volumes, those can be purchased as a set for a discount by clicking HERE.

 SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate Machine Quilter

Click below to watch a video to preview what will be taught on this DVD:

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