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Swag Wreath Block Digitized Design

Swag Wreath Block Digitized Designs

If you’re looking to create machine embroidered applique designs with delicate, flowing shapes, look no further!  This set of 4 different swag wreath blocks can be stitched on 16-18 inch background fabric blocks to create understated elegance.  The design works well if the block is set on square or on point.   If set on point, these blocks finish beautifully when coupled with our Corner Setting Triangle Feather pair digitized design blocks!  These digitized block designs are much easier to align than one would think, because the fabric block itself is never hooped!  They feature our easy-breezy perfect positioning system, where multi-hooping projects are a breeze! Purchase also includes printable pdf of instructions with color, step-by-step photos.

Each block option is stitched as a 4-part split design by vacillating between stitching 2 different panel files.  For options 1, 2 and 3, the stitching areas are as follows:

Panel 1: 6.14 in x 9.94 in

Panel 2: 6.15 in x 9.94 in

For option 4 (curved triangle swag shape), the stitching areas are:

Panel 1: 6.20 in x 9.94 in

Panel 2: 6.20 in x 9.94 in

Note:  If you are creating the Christmas is Coming Table Topper and also purchasing the fabric kit and corner setting triangle feather pairs digitized designs, you can save $$ by purchasing all of these in a bundle. See Related Products below.