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Westalee "Circles on Quilts" Template Set 2

In this set of Circles on Quilts Templates, there are 2 templates which are used for stitching concentric circles. These templates allow you to quilt 10 concentric circles marked on the templates in 1″ increments from 2.5″ – 11.5″. The final distance between circles stitched by 2 adjacent markings (e.g. 2.5" and 3.5") is 1/2 inch.

Using the single pin system, there is only 1 point of rotation, which reduces movement. 

Can be used to make baptist fans (see video below)

For use with domestic machines when fitted with your 1/2 inch diameter ruler foot, not included.

Available in Low and High Shank sizes from the drop down menu above.

See video below for use of Circles on Quilts Templates:

See video below on how to make a Baptist Fan: