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Westalee "Circles on Quilts" Template Set 6

Circles on Quilts Templates are used for quilting single circles, concentric circles, overlapping circles, Baptist Fans, and other patterns. Using the single pin system, there is only 1 point of rotation, which reduces shifting movements. 

This set of 4 templates allows you to quilt 13 concentric circles in 1/4" spacing from one another, from 12" - 18".  This set of 4 templates is a combination of Sets 4 and 5.

Sets 4 and 5 cost $49 each, so buying set 6 saves you $18 over buying the sets individually. 

For use with domestic machines when fitted with a 1/2" Ruler Foot.

Please select the correct thickness from the drop down menu:  High shank for high shank foot, Low shank for low and medium shank ruler feet, and 1/4" longarm thickness for longarm and midarm machines mounted in a cabinet. 

Set includes 4 templates: 12” to 18” circles marked at 1/2” increments, resulting in 1/4 inch spacing between 2 adjacent circle sizes.

See video below for use of templates: